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I am selling a used Garrett AT Max. It's several years old (manufactured back in 2017 or 2018), so no warranty left. But it's only got probably 100 total hours on it.

It works just fine, but there are two things to note about it.

First, the shaft has been shortened. I shortened the lower plastic shaft and the upper s-shaft where the arm cuff goes. You can see how the shaft has been modified in the pics. All modifications are clean and unless you look carefully or compare this shaft to a regular shaft, you probably wouldn't even notice any difference.

Second, the top 2 LCD segments of the sensitivity bar don't work. The AT Max is still capable of going to a 7 out of 8 or an 8 out of 8 sensitivity level. However, the sensitivity bar won't "light up" to show that on the screen. This is the only issue with the screen.

Asking price: $325 OBO. This includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48. I accept Paypal and my price includes the PayPal fee (so send the money via Goods and Services and I'll eat the fee instead of you). But I'm only accepting payment via Goods and Services until 12/31/2021. Although hopefully, this'll be sold by then.

No trades.







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