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I Bet You Haven't Found One Of These!

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Very unusual! Is that pot metal or silver? 👍

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Well there's something you don't see everyday. Right now I'm wondering if Andy had that on his boat... and has anyone seen Andy lately... 😮

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23 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

Very unusual! Is that pot metal or silver? 👍

It's pot metal ... it came in on the Equinox at about 39 and it was a 14-16 inches deep.

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It weighs in at 1.9 lbs!

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That is a strange find for sure, I wouldn't want to keep it around me as it is always looking back at you.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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Could it have been in a beach house that fell into the ocean during a big storm?

Did you find it in California? A NY award in CA adds to the mystery, doesn’t it? 

In the Outer Banks of NC, big hurricanes can sweep away entire beach homes with little warning. One very stormy day in NC I watched a big wave deposit a slab of concrete the size and shape of a mattress on the beach. It still had green linoleum tiles on one side. Next morning it was gone.


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    • By kac
      Hit the beach yesterday and noticed a bunch of large vertabrae then found some dentures. Vertabrae seem human size but could be from a large animal. One the local residents said they would call it in and let the authorities figure it out. Also found 1 wheatie and 80 cents in clad!

    • By kac
      Been a while since I posted any of my finds. Hit the beach earlier and you can see the idiots beefed up the jetties that are in the wrong direction and added some pilons that do diddly. Houses will eventually get undermined and I will gain more beach to detect on! Seems to be the work of a private contractor and not the army corp of engineers. Anyway s only found a little bit of clad and currents seem so bad even found an Australian coin! 🙂 Those coins are HUGE!

    • By Skullgolddiver
      For First I wanna Say Hi to all of You here...
      I've been far for quite a long time due to mandatory work sessions in the "other Life".
      The pandemic pushed hard on my little beach business and to pay Bills and keep my little daughter I started again with people transportation in the end of August.
      Today I was finally out for a day off walking on the beach and Also found a "promising spot to get the job done"...
      But the tone of this post Is more related to a new beach machine I'm dreaming to own for Christmas.
      So I Ask to You, my fellows beach Hunters...What Will You buy considering a Ctx, an Excal and a TDI Beachunter already owned?
      Cause the First Is a sniper discriminator but not that Deep like a Nox...(And not properly waterproof both of them)
      The second Is maybe the unstoppable pleasure Toy for a diver like me, but blind on chains and thin stuff...
      The third of my guns already drowned and reanimated a couple times, Will be my pulse last option to never remain without a machine in case of the 3rd world war...
      So...What's next?
    • By Erik Oostra
      Alma Bay continues to spit out lost property.. Although not as weird as a gold medal for women's cricket, this Iphone was lost on the same beach.. I found it this morning buried in the sand just above the high-tide mark.. It's already been claimed by a mighty happy chappy! At least he was very easy to find.. Always good to spread the joy! 

    • By Joe D.
      Hello All,
        Just a warning for anyone wearing unsupported footwear! The "malady" referenced above can hopefully be preventable, or at least reduced, for us "older" folks here!!
         I have occasional flare-ups, if I don't pay attention to my footwear support! My sandybeach footwear, hit me with a vengeance today! As I (stupidity) thought, I was healed enough from a less severe bout, from about 2 weeks ago! 
         I had switched from "water shoes" to above the ankle neoprene "dive boots" with a non-skid bottom, to keep all the sand from grinding my toes to hamburger, on beach/surf hunts last year! They are flat bottomed with little support! And that was with inserts!
         My initial half mile walk was fine, with only minor discomfort! But upon my first "deep" scoop with that foot, I felt a pop, and it felt like someone had just "shot" me in the heal! But I continued to hunt with the after-effects anyway! Not smart, but I was just starting! You know how it is!
         Let's just say, the rest of the hunt, and return trip, along with the rest of the day, has not been fun! I'll probably need a few cortisone shots, crutches, and a new pair of "water boots"! 
         If anyone has some "tried and true" suggestions to keep the support, and the sand out, on and off shore, I'm all ears! Thanks!!👍👍
    • By F350Platinum
      Got out really early today, it's my last full day here. walked the towel and tent line, there isn't much left. Dug a couple of pennies and a few other things, I dug a working Space Pen, a wired toe ring, broken white metal fish ring fragment, a costume earring, and a nice little Case USA jackknife. It was abused, I'll have to straighten the blades.
      Ran into a detectorist at the hotel, he is a local who comes up now and again. He had a Minelab Sovereign and the largest coil I've ever seen, about 15-20". He was dragging his shovel behind him to know where he'd been.
      He showed me a gold plated pendant and a gold ring, he had to dig a huge deep hole to get the ring, I think. One of his holes was enormous. As I've written, targets are deep here. I'm guessing some are deeper than the Equinox goes.
      This is my trash: found a "spill" of Matchbox style cars all in the same place about 4". I cleaned them up and left them for kids.
      Won't lie, I dug two of the bottle caps. Rest were on top. Some of the pull tabs were too. For some reason bottle caps weren't throwing much of an iron tone today. Lots of boat brass and copper deep here.

      My wife took the space pen, she wants one. I geared on the other guys' line of digs and followed the low tide way down the beach, where I got the large gold hoop, it was a broken 5 and very deep. Only "gold" I found! Got one of the pennies out there too, nothing else but small brass and copper plates. 
      I was kinda disappointed. Better luck next year! 😀 It's been a great trip.
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