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Civil War Relic Hunting In Virginia Bucket Lister Find!

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What a great job being able to find all of that at the hunt. It just shows that you know your machine and had it set up perfectly for that soil. The depths you were getting in that red soil is commendable!

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Great Finds! I'm Jealous! 

I have had really good luck with my Fisher F-19 using the discrimination mode searching in trashy areas. I can disc out most of the iron leaving only higher tones, especially using the 10x6in. football shape  coil that came with it That coil really works well picking thru trash. The only  draw back with that coil is your depth is about 10in  on most items, so no depth monster but the set up works well where other units struggle!!! M

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I have been very fortunate to be able to hunt at least 10+ DIV hunts.  I started using a White's MXT. then a Fisher f75, followed by a Garrett Infinium and finally a Minelab GPX 4800.  Each machine provided a different experience but the GPX was without a doubt the most successful detector in the Culpeper red dirt. 

Thanks for the post and video of your 5 day hunt at DIV 50.  Congratulations on a very successful hunt and awesome finds.  While I was not able to attend because our border was closed to auto travel, your video allowed me to feel like I was there.  At 77, I can only hope to be able to attend one more DIV.

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