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What's Your Preferred Over The Ear Wired Headphones For The Equinox?

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So I did a little more experimenting with the WM08 and various wired headphones I have around the house and I am noticing a little difference in latency VS Bluetooth, specially with pinpointing as suggested in responses to my previously posted WM08 question. I also noticed quite a difference in sound of different headphones when used with the WM08 too. I've been looking into some of your suggested headphones, such as Gray Ghost, Sunray Gold, Killer Bee, etc., as well as looking at older posts regarding headphones for use with the Equinox.

This leads me to ask a question to those of you who prefer wired phones with your Nox. What full over-the-ear wired headphones do you prefer with your Equinox and why? TIA for your help.


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I did a lot of thinking and research on this very topic. I do a lot of beach hunting and some land hunting when it may rain. I decided to go with the LS Pelso pair. Had them for several months now and they are great so far. Snug fit, good sound and I have peace of mind when it rains or when rinsing off my detector after a hunt. 80 bucks or so on Ebay. Hard to beat.

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I love the older Black Widows. The speakers are crisp and the sound deadening quality is the top, bar none. I do not know what year they started using new speakers, but the new ones are not even close as I have a pair of those too.

I have a set of older Sun Rays that had the conversion done to universal. They are not even close.  HH

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Here's what I use. Monoprice, same as the Tarsacci. I like them because they sound good and I can mount the module right on the headphone to keep the wire out of the way. Also they plug straight into the module without have to add an adapter.


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I see no point in wired headphones unless it is for underwater use.

This combination of APTX Low Latency Headphones and Transmitter will work well on any detector with a headphone jack, and without the Transmitter or 08 unit with the Nox Bluetooth.

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I think there are at least 2 parts to this question.  1) Which wired headphones are compatible with the Eqx+WM08?  2) Of that subset, which perform the best?

Regarding 1, with detectors in general there are occasionally technical issues with stereo vs. mono, impedence matching, and wiring of the plug.  (This last one is a known problem with some ML+headphone pairing -- don't know how much this affects the Eqx in particular but I've had problems with it.)  All of these are objective electronics engineering problems+solutions.

The second part is the tricky one.  Which headphones are comfortable for a particular individual?  What is the individual's hearing spectrum loss?  (OK, that one may be objective.)  What is a person's preference for sound quality?  How important is it that ambient sound is blocked out (or not blocked out)?

I have a couple experiences which emphasize some of these.  When I first got my Sunray Pro Golds (bought online so no 'test drive') I thought I made a mistake as at first they hurt my head&ears.  Turns out I wasn't being careful in making sure my external ears fit inside the cups.  Also, I wear standard glasses and depending upon the style, length, etc. of the ear-mounts I can have problems or not.  Now that I've figured out all that I can wear them for hours with no distraction.

My second experience occurred recently.  In summer I use Bose wired earbuds.  In cool/cold weather I wear the Pro Golds.  This autumn when I made the switchover I thought "gosh, the Pro Golds don't sound right."  After an hour or so they sounded perfect, just like always.  My brain has a way for adjusting.

Oh, to answer your question:  My go-to headphones for the Eqx are the SunRay Pro Golds (not the CTX3030 version but the standard version).

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for some reason that posted before I finished it, SO as I was saying -----

They are both good quality, and have held up well and have good battery life so can go all day, AND they are Inexpensive as a bonus. If you detect and latency with this setup it is not enough to bother with.

August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones

TROND V5.0 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Receiver

At the time I purchased these the Headphones were $60 and Transmitter was $26.
I usually replace the ear pads with just hand cut Open Cell Foam in the summer heat.
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The only downside to those headphones is if your head is narrow they are a little loose for radical climbing and and angles so may move around on your head.

But, I taped an additional headphone piece to the top to tighten them up, an easy mod for my odd head.

The sound quality seems above average to me and as good or better than the stock Nox phones, But everyone has different hearing.  The Transmitter is not needed with the Nox, but it has no downside when attached to any detector with Velcro.  A GOOD Value for both units.

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