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Help Request For Md Rules In UK And America

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29 minutes ago, Clay Diggins said:

In most states verbal is just fine right up to the point

Clay-D :   Well I'm glad you've removed this "written" permission thing from at least "most states".  I would venture to say ALL states.  But .. oh well , you go on to say that :  It's *still* a good idea to get it written.  And you list horrors that could befall us otherwise. 

  Eg.:  ".. easily leave you floating on air again. ... "

I am wondering why we wouldn't apply these same lists of worries to any other activity ?  Eg.: If you invite your neighbor over for a  BBQ.   Everything you're saying could equally be said of that too.   So I don't know why md'ing is in such a class, as if it's dangerous, harmful, abhorred, risky, and "at imminent risk of cops demanding your written permission".  

Why this starting premise ?  I happen to think that our hobby is harmless, benign, safe, etc....  And to be honest with you, the average passerby could give 2 sh#ts about a man with a detector in a cow pasture.  Why this fear that everyone rushes to card us ? As if anyone cares less ?  On the contrary :  Just like your neighbor who comes to your house to watch the super bowl, verbal is just fine.

 You say : ".... but that doesn't address the separate questions of digging ..."

Well why stop there ?  Let's include the words "alter" and "deface", plus "harvest" and "collect" and "remove", to automatically construe to apply to us too.  Then I can save us all some time :  Boiler plate verbiage like this exists on EVERY SPECK OF PUBLIC LAND across the USA.  Yup, every school, beach, park, forest, desert, etc.....   

Yet oddly, there's no shortage of md'rs who detect all such places.  And "dig" and "take" their targets (and no one cares less).   Hundreds of show & tells daily on md'ing forums  from such places.  Right ?  So what are we to make of this ?  Are we all just law-less miscreants ?   🧐  Do NOT fall victim to the old : "No one cared UNTIL you asked" psychology  🥵

As far as treasure troves :  Ok, sure :  I have no doubt that if any of us stumbled on to a jar of gold coins in any city or county park, or any state or federal land, and then subsequently waltzed in asking desk-jockies :   "Hi, can I have this ?", that : Yes !  You will find someone to tell you "no".   OK, and the moral of this story is  ...... ?   🤔


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Thanks for restating your opinions Tom. :smile:

The original poster was asking for ideas about how other countries handled metal detecting laws so he could see if reason might prevail over the current proposed ban on metal detecting. I gave him an overview of how it works in the United States. I hope that helped him in his current situation.

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