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Whites Tdi Sl Coil Inductance

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I made a 24" coil for my TDI SL. Works great!


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Anything from 300-400uH will work efficiently on Whites TDI's, but ideally the resistance needs to be under 1ohm. Use multistrand wire and keep the shielding paint resistance between 50-150ohm. Don't forget the screen wire across the top of the shielding also.

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    • By Melano87
      Is there a modification to have on the TDI Beach Hunter the same "Target Conductivity" switch as on the TDI Pro / TDI SL ?
      Ie all sounds, or just "High Conductor" or just "Low Conductor"?
      I had a TDI SL and I might buy a used TDI Beach.
    • By Bohemia Miner
      I just watched this Whites Video with Josh Bohmker.  He found a way to take a couple of D-rings similar to those on the old Goldmasters and chest mounted the SL.
      Very cool!

    • By chiil
      I came across a french prospecting website where some interesting mods had been done to their White's TDI SLs.... for instance:
      1. Removal of resistor R86 within the gain circuit - providing a boost to the gain control.  They believe this was to make it stable, for less complaints.  Removal of this resistor provided additional gain reserve.  They had some good results with their testing.
      2. Placing thick o-rings under some of the pot knobs.  Helps to add some friction and avoid dials turning themselves accidentally, especially with the above modification.
      3.  With a single +16V battery pack, there was feedback that depth seemed to increase on the TDI SL.  However, this came at a cost of over-driving the 16V rated power capacitors as well as other circuits on the board.  Potentially shortening their life, by running them full time.  The moderator seems to have been able to add another battery pack in series (6V) with the 12V pack, and use a toggle switch to drive the voltage above 18V temporarily.  This "boost mode" was done as a method of improving a faint signal on-the-fly.  Just a flick of a switch, double-check that faint signal, and then back off.
      Ultimately, it seems they were discussing driving the coil with it's own 18V external battery and using the standard 12V battery pack to drive the rest of the board (logic).  Basically driving the pulses in the coil without going through the voltage regulator, via a large MOSFET.  Unsure if they actually were able to do this mod.
      Anyways, just thought they were some interesting ideas those french detectorists were messing with.
    • By chiil
      Hello everyone!  I'm new to the forum and have been an on-again, off-again DFX user for the last ten years (family, kids, work, life, yada yada yada).  I picked up a used TDI SL special edition.  Figured since we moved to Colorado back in 2014 - why not?  I had always wanted one and this one came with a few coils and a Li-Ion converted pack.
      I wanted to ask - I went out to the backyard to give it a run through.  Found a few nails scattered through the yard.  However, I noticed I could not use any type of ground balance, as the machine would start to 'pulse' in my ear and sometimes increase in intensity like a feedback loop.  If I completely turned off ground balance, it wasn't an issue.  I came to find out that the closer I was to my service panel, it would increase.  This would make sense since the power lines most likely pass underground through my backyard.
      My question is: are there any concerns with damaging the front-end receiver on the TDI SL?  It was rather alarming when I flipped on ground balance.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By chiil
      Curious if Sun Ray or another 3rd party vendor made an inline probe for the TDI? 
      Thanks in advance!
    • By RickUK
      Would like some help please on a specific coil for my TDI Pro,i have the option of buying this brand new Coiltek 6'' Mono coil which was of course specifically designed for the GPX range of detector,the GPX Mono coils do work very well on my TDI Pro as i own and use most of them on the TDI.
      Has anyone specifically used this small 6'' Mono coil i am looking at using it most of the time because i am using smaller coils more and more due to the problems that i am hving with a broken wrist that i had from a bike accident decades ago,does anyone have any thoughts on this combination please.
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