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A Lot Of Nokta Legends Will Be Sold

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Especially to water hunters who have the Equinox and there warranties have expired. Plus the leaking problems with it. I'm sure Minelab has something up there sleeve coming soon to follow up on the Legend.

The Nokta Legend looks like a solid, powerful detector with good waterproofing.

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We will see, doubt it's a flop. Nokta has some good performing machines and don't think they will toss a fail out on the market. Too much to lose.

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They have their entire reputation on the line on this one with all the Equinox bashing they've done.  If it's not better than the Equinox like they claim, well.... it can only go badly for them.

Yes, it sucks to hear about people having Nox leaks and the broken coil ears but it's put up with for the performance.  It's a lesson Minelab need to learn though so I hope it's a Nox killer, but I don't expect it to be. 

I buy Minelab products expecting I'll need to use the warranty .  I've needed it for my GM1000 (speaker and coil), Nox (shaft), Go-Find (folding mechanism broke, didn't bother with warranty and used glue), Pro-Find35 (falsing),  Pro Sonic (two faulty ones that were DOA, ended up refunding) GPZ (WM12 and a lower shaft clip) and last but not least CTX (17" coil ear cracked, not bothered with warranty as I'm fixing it myself) I'm not impressed at all by Minelab build quality, it's the performance that attracts me to them, but I'd happily jump ship if something better came out from another brand and if not I'll keep the Minelab service agent's phone number on my list of favourites on my phone.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to A Lot Of Nokta Legends Will Be Sold

   The only other thing that the legend isn't gonna attempt to match with the Nox, is a 3 year warranty! I wish they had! That would help sell it also! I suppose they could add a year to any existing sales later, if needed! But they should put their best foot forward now, while the iron is hot!!

   And also, I think I read that the Deus 2 will have a 5 year warranty! I don't remember what the current Deus has, if anyone wants to chime in!!👍👍

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yep 2 year on Nokta, 3 year on Minelab and 5 year on XP.  If Nokta were so confident in their build quality they could bang on a 5 year warranty or at least a 3 year.. put their money where their mouth is.


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9 hours ago, Joe D. said:

And also, I think I read that the Deus 2 will have a 5 year warranty! I don't remember what the current Deus has, if anyone wants to chime in!!👍👍

Deus I and II are both 5 year warranties including battery replacements for more recently released equipment (originally, early Deus models had a 2-year battery warranty I believe).  Another element that factors into their premium price point. 

I have a total of 13 XP battery powered components (coils, controllers, puck/headsets, and pinpointers) aged 3 to 7 years old and have yet to replace a single battery.  But that's probably because I frequently switch between components to keep battery usage cycles minimized to the extent practical and physical wear and tear evened out.  Still, reliability appears top notch.  Plus, I know how to properly maintain LiIon battery packs between charges to maximize service life.  Factory Battery replacements are relatively inexpensive (<$50) and users themselves can easily replace the HF coil external batteries and controller batteries.  The batteries sealed in the legacy and X35 coils are best replaced by service center pros so the coil waterproof integrity is restored after disassembly.


8 hours ago, Tahts-a-dats-ago said:

Dilek said (interview on Treasure Talk) she was working to get the warranty extended beyond two years. I don't recall if she said how long of an extension she was trying to get.

So you are saying that Nokta is "working to get" Nokta to extend the Legend warranty :rolleyes:

Seriously though, thanks for sharing that tidbit from the TT podcast.  Good information.  Good to know.  Hope they do extend it which would demonstrate significant confidence in the robustness of their product design, build, and manufacturing.

But please excuse my unabashed cynicism in the discussion below.

Despite Dilek's unquestioned charisma, communications skills, and customer focus, I think we tend to forget that at the end of the day Dilek is a Nokta employee.  And though she does a great job of customer outreach and listening to the customer, she gets her paycheck from Nokta.  Nokta has to ultimately be focused on the business bottom line.  Because of that, Dilek as Director of Nokta Marketing and Sales can't rationally, simultaneously represent us as a customer advocate and Nokta's buisness interests at the same time unless what the customer wants is aligned with the best business interests of Nokta.  That's called a conflict of interest and Dilek's ultimate loyalty has to reside with Nokta. 

In this case, a warranty extension could conceivably boost Legend sales (but at some impact to profit) so it is reasonable to assume Nokta is internally debating the pros and cons of the business case for extending the Legend warranty.  But don't mistake what Dilek said ("working to get the warranty extended") as altruistic customer advocacy, this is really all about marketing and maximizing sales. But kudos for her transparency and insider perspective.

No disrespect to Dilek intended here. She's a fantastic marketing rep and deservedly popular because of how she approaches her job with positive energy, thorough product knowledge and a good sense for what resonates with her customer base.  Just keeping it real, she works for Nokta, not us (unfortunately 😉).

(BTW - Tahts-a-dats-ago, I am not saying you said or implied Dilek was acting as a customer rep/advocate, I was just (over)reacting to the "working to get" phrase in your post :smile:).

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      Given the speed with which Nokta/Makro has brought new machines to market in the past and the fact they have a mostly proven housing in hand now via the Simplex, I expect an announcement by this fall with a detector available either before Christmas or next spring. If I was them right now I would be collecting warranty claim info to make sure the Simplex housing is bullet proof before launching the new unit, and that should be going well by now. In the meantime work can proceed on design and testing of the circuit.
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