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121 Gram Nugget Found In New Zealand

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Too bad they weren’t filming the moment. Must be a lot of baby nuggets in that creek where that came from. It was well rounded off also. Thanks for sharing it.

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At least creeks in that area !!!! Haha 😁

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That was one of the most enjoyable vids I've seen in a long time....  Really helps some of us get thru the winter.  thanks!

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Simon, do you know what the geology is of the region where they found it?  Just curious what the general type of deposits nuggets like that are from in NZ.  Ive read that some of the goldfields there are hydrothermal, and others are from metamorphic based rock.

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I went up a creek where I found a number of nuggets on my first day gold prospecting when I had JW there to show me what to do and I've rarely detected creeks since.


Craig (NuggetHunterNZ) found his giant nugget using his Whites 24k in a creek, and that may make sense as my Nox and GM 1000 both struggle a bit in the creeks as all the rocky base of the creeks are loaded with hot rocks, and where there is bedrock often the detector signals on the bedrock, especially the bedrock with a green tinge to it.   The 24k so far appears to handle hot rocks better than the GM and Nox so I'll take my Garrett 24k to this same creek in the near future and see how I go.   I could take my GPX with the same Joey coil as the guy in the video although I'd be worried about dropping it in the water tripping from the fast flowing creek and slippery rocks being an expensive detector as I've taken two falls there already and the GM has been dunked underwater from one of them. 

I am guessing the guys in the video found their big nugget on the West Coast of the South Island where Craig found his.  About 6 hours drive from here but I believe all the good creeks would have claims, these guys will have claims as they're dredgers.

I'm not sure of the geology in the West Coast area, I should do my research.

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Phrunt, Here in the NorCal gold country, most the guys I know that hunt creeks successfully use SDC2300s. Great detector for water hunts, small coil for crevicing,  super stable ground balance, and no worries if you drop it.

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I love watching abyss dredging’s videos, they really get on the gold and seem like genuinely great guys. Where they’re detecting, I’m fairly certain this is in the west coast of the South Island, probably between Greymouth and Nelson.

Given how river worn those nuggets are I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re coming from an old channel. I really hope they’re plotting their finds into a GPS so they can look for patterns.

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