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Not As Much Silver As Some Half-dollars

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Big silver and big silver clad can wrap on dd coils very easy giving garbage sounds. Happens on my Kruzer but I can reduce the effect with a lower frequency ie switch to 5khz. Nice you spent the extra bit of time to investigate, nice!

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Great save and nice hunting, the Nox hits hard on silver and I know when you hit the half it must have really hit hard.

Good luck on your next outing.

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yeah....'65-'70 are 40% silver.  The '70 is a fairly rare one also so keep that in mind when you decide to unload em

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That's a great find and good on you for going the extra mile. Could be the photos but it doesn't look like it was too deep either. I will often investigate some signals that persist even if I lift the coil, but if it gets past my shovel depth I'm done 😀

Good call. 👍

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37 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

will often investigate some signals that persist even if I lift the coil, but if it gets past my shovel depth I'm done 😀

Lifting the coil is a good way to gauge if it is deep junk or not, but this was an exception. When I lifted the coil on this coin, because it was only about 6 inches down, it still rang in clearly to at least 12 inches above the ground. Shallow jewelry hunting is also an exception, but the double hit sound helps judge depth as well. I was running at 23 sensitivity today at a park, and the shallower coins really sounded big and deep. I guess a dig-it-all mentality would remedy all doubt. However, when at a park, aching knees tend to limit my desire to do that.😁

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The ole "lift the coil" trick can be a double edged sword, as you almost found out.  Plenty of people have left behind big coins (silver or not) because they thought it "sounded too big".  If your mind is making you the least bit curious about a target for some reason you cant quite decipher - listen to your intuition and dig that puppy!  Theres conscious competency where you can mentally understand and explain something and theres unconscious competency, where you know how to do something, but cant really explain it, you just "know" without understanding it enough to explain why.  Call it a gut feeling, intuition or whatever.  If your mind is telling you to dig, trust it and who cares if you can explain what it is about that sound that made you curious.

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  • Similar Content

    • By F350Platinum
      I've been pretty busy since I did my last post, "Sometimes you have to mow". Been getting the house ready for Christmas, but I did go metal detecting a few times. I mowed another permission, an old farmhouse site that looks promising:
      I believe these are cannon carriages, but I'm not sure.
      there are 3 old buildings here, and a fourth with two silos behind it.
      Hunting this place before I mowed it was rather difficult, Chase was with me the first time and we really didn't find much in the tall grass. It was kinda interesting though, I dug what I think might be an old Chinese coin, but it has no identifying marks other than the square hole.
      a couple of buckles, remains of a small pocketknife, one no date wheat, a memorial and a clad quarter. Dug a small pistol ball, brass finial, a small nozzle and another one of those grommets that look like a ring. 😵 Chase had a similar experience.
      Went back and mowed the place and only searched the area in front of the truck barn and the silos, not much there but it was interesting as well:
      3 clad dimes, one 1971 memorial, 4 Zincolns. Nice all brass buckle and a chrome plated peace sign. 😀
      Which all brings me to today, I thought I was gonna write "Sometimes you need to mow 2", but nope. Today, Chase came and brought his mentor, I'll call her "Deb". She is a long time detectorist who had helped him along over the years with places to hunt, and a wealth of historical knowledge. We all met at the farm, but we quickly found that she was having a time with digging there because the ground is dry now. We decided to visit a farm we only scouted a while ago, it's pretty big but we didn't find much there the last time except for this little guy:
      "Deb" read the field, found some musket balls and then moved on to a bit of higher ground, and got us both going finding buttons and all sorts of interesting stuff. Chase knocked out the first coin of the day, a nice green IHP, and one of the most interesting Dandy buttons I have ever seen with a sunburst pattern on it. He generously gave it to "Deb" as a memento of the trip.
      I wasn't finding much myself:
      A couple of overall buttons, an interesting front of a two-piece with circles in a triangle, some buckle fragments and a copper nail washer.
      "Deb" left as she had a long ride home, and Chase and I continued to search the high ground. Finally we headed out across the farm to check out another spot which didn't have much of anything, so we headed back toward our vehicles to call it a day. I veered off to explore another bit of high ground, and I'm glad I did, as the find of the day hit me as a 25/26 on the Equinox, I thought I'd finally found an IHP:
      I realize this is a long story but the end was worth it if I didn't bore you to death above.
      1690 Bolivia or Peruvian mint silver Spanish 1 Real Cob. It's a "pillars and waves" type only minted in one of those countries, the mint mark is not there. 331 years old! Officially the oldest thing I have found.
      I dragged Chase over to that spot but we didn't get to hunt it long, the farmer came out and told us the area we were standing in was a trading post. 😀 It's literally his front yard. We talked for a long time about the history of the place and ended up with 3 new permissions, but I'm pretty sure we will be back here soon!

    • By calabash digger
      I went back out a few good ones showed up..

    • By UT Dave
      Found my first Barber yesterday!  And a Model T key, too!  An old, long abandoned ranch site in the middle of nowhere.  No standing buildings or anything, just rubble and outlines.  Found both very close to what I think was the house.  Both less than an inch deep, on the hard rocky desert.
      Darn shame that winter snow is probably going to hit soon and lock me out of going back until next year!
      - Dave

    • By rled2005
      Trusting His Gut, a Metal Detector Enthusiast Makes a Discovery That Dreams are Made of | Page 33 of 34 | Housecoast | Page 33
    • By F350Platinum
      Last night It was warm so I took my off road mower out across the fields to the racetrack farmhouse. It's about a mile and a half from my house, and I don't have to drive on public roads to get there.
      Headed up there this morning, it was a beautiful day. Got up to 74 today, Indian summer in the mid Atlantic. This is the place that had the long grass from two posts ago. Because the grass was so high I knew that if I cut it down I would find more, and as usual I was not disappointed. I cut it to 4.75 in. because I feared there would be obstacles for the mower, luckily there weren't except for the well.
      It was easy to get the coil close to the ground. Today I went low and slow, only got through half of it. The finds were pretty interesting, I wonder how I missed them. Most were pretty deep, about 6".
      Dug a brass skeleton key stamped 48, a piece of shoe buckle, a lead ox knob, an interesting rein guide in great shape. 4 wheats, oldest 1932, newest 1950. A copper button with no shank, the back is pretty corroded but there is a maker mark, I'll have to clean it more. A really interesting button that was shot with a .22, the bullet is still in it. It is very ornate, appears to be two piece, and has an indistinguishable backmark. The last coin is an 1895 IHP.
      Here is a closer look at the button with the bullet in it:
      And the back:
      Pretty good shot. 😀 Shame though, it's one unique button. Anyone recognize it?
    • By Dan(NM)
      My sister-in-law was coming into town today so my wife gave me the green light to go do some metal detecting for a couple of days. I decided to go try a couple of new spots. First one was about 45 minutes from the house the second one was about an hour and a half. Neither one panned out so I decided to drive another hour and a half to a place that had produced some silver last month. It was 1:00 when I finally got to do some serious hunting. I kept having a gut feeling to hunt a certain area so that's where I began. Within 3 hours I had five silvers and a couple of Wheaties. I hit a nice spill that had four coins in the same hole, a merk, a silver Washington quarter, a 1940 nickel and a 1936 Buffalo nickel. My little honey hole played out so I decided to do a little roaming around. I went to another section of the park, started off with a couple of Wheaties ended up scoring three more silver dimes. My goal for the year was to hit 100 silver coins today put me over the top at 103. I'm going back tomorrow to spend about 5 or 6 hours and see if I can find a couple of more hot spots.

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