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Here’s Youtube Video - Dilek Talking About Legend

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58 minutes ago, Tnsharpshooter said:

Only other thing I have to say on this matter.  Using social media to help launch a product.  When smartly done I think can pay huge dividends.  So, I actually liked the naming contest as this indeed got people involved.  Maybe even customers who may be deemed not potential customers.  Folks can change their minds though.  I wonder if the detecting public would have been solicited for ideas when it came to debuting Legend detector, what folks would have said?  I may have indeed went this route.  Why?  It keeps folks both interested, curious, etc.  and shows a manufacturer having more sincere interest.  I can think of few things that could have been shown or done with Legend detector.  I don’t think it’s too early to show videos of Legend in action.  There is a thirst out there.  Weather in USA colder right now and getting colder.  Folks spend more of their spare time looking on internet.

I will even go ahead here and give some ideas.

Show Legend being used by taller person, like 6’4” tall.  

Show legend display in the dark or darker conditions.

Give demo on noise cancel feature,  with say one of your other VLF models in closer proximity to Legend.

Show some USA coin ID, even on top of the ground.

Let’s see multiple bottlecaps swept.  And note tonal behavior and ID.

Sweep some smaller stainless steel objects and let folks see.

Just navigating the menu.

Ground balancing the detector.

Show varied tone options.

Does the unit display software version anywhere ?

Just showing nuts and bolts will go a long ways.

Thank you.... there will be a lot of that but we all need to be patient...and we prefer most of it to come from the users and not from us..... in a few weeks when the testers are released from their NDAs, I am sure they will share a lot of info. 

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20 hours ago, NCtoad said:

Same here.  Too much drama!   Just show me facts and leave the personal attacks and opinions out of it.  This whole charade turns me off to Nokta/Makro as a company.  Why can’t they just show what their product can do and let the actions speak for themselves?

They all seem to do it. Watch some of the Vanquish commercials that were made if you haven’t.  The “they started it” argument is immature. It is comical but in a head shaking way.  I rather they put out a solid video and presentation about their product and a series of instructional/tech videos and let people decide. Social media has taken the marketing to a whole new level of....  well.... wrong in my opinion. Honestly one thing I notice is that people will not take the time to read a manual on a more complex detector.  They want everything spoon fed in Facebook and YouTube videos.  Why not just cater to that with some good instructional videos without the drama?  I’d respect them more for providing that rather than the bashing and drama videos but maybe that is just me.  Although I have not found love for more Garrett detectors other than my Seahunter, I do respect that they have some instructional videos on their site and their Apex videos were not overly or at all bashy. Acting quality? Meh.  Personally I don’t need the show, I’m looking for specs, features, instructional content. 

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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I’m sorry to see so much drama and high emotions stirred up over what should be a simple, happy event.


So how about everyone turn down the volume and relax a bit. It's metal detecting folks.

The standard thumbs-up icon at the bottom of a post doesn't do this one justice.  How about:


Over this entire incident (I haven't watched either N/M video, BTW) I've found myself wishing for the "good old days", particularly pre-antisocial-media days.  But then I remembered a related incident from the 1970's.  Bill 'Tex' Mahan established and managed a company named D-Tex which was a direct competitor of fellow Texan (and to make matters even worse, both companies were located in the same Dallas suburb of Garland!) Charles Garrett, as many know the founder and leader of the still-in-business Garrett Electronics.  Besides their involvment in these companies, both were avid treasure hunters.  For some reason never made public (to my knowledge, anyway), Mahan was vehemently and consistently taking shots at Garrett.  I don't recall Charles ever responding in public/print.  I also have a vague recollection (maybe just wishful thinking) that eventually they "buried the hatchet" and returned to speaking terms.

There's a TV series on History Channel with slightly varying titles --  The _____ That Built America -- where the ____ has been filled with multiple words including 'Men', 'Machines', and presently 'Toys'.  You think these detector verbal wars get divisive...?

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29 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

There's a TV series on History Channel with slightly varying titles --  The _____ That Built America -- where the ____ has been filled with multiple words including 'Men', 'Machines', and presently 'Toys'.  You think these detector verbal wars get divisive...?

Indeed.  Business has always been a contact sport.  Perhaps more brutal today than ever before.  Social media has added so many new dimensions, many of which, are not particularly useful or appreciated by customers.

The availability of well done tech media is one dimension that we can all appreciate though.  As mentioned, I'm not going to pay much attention to anything else about the Legend for now, myself.  I want docs, manuals, white papers, video of OS nuts and bolts.

I like to root for the companies who's true north is delivering more value, quicker, and with better outcomes for their customers.  They deliver on that, I kind of don't care who's feelers they hurt or which competitors were forced to live in smaller houses in the process.  Those companies don't always win though.

At the price and feature set of the Legend, if it performs, it has the potential to actually grow this market - a rising tide lifting all boats and all that.  But it also has the potential to rip a hearty chunk out of the existing market - a necessity for growth in a market that is relatively stagnant in size.  


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People from different regions and cultures react to criticism differently. Tell an Italian their food sucks and see what you get! I quit my social media platforms because they seem to always seem to gravitate downwardly. No more FB instagram for me. Companies that don't fit my views I don't use. Especially in this current lockdown, told what to do time. People are edgy right now and need to chill. Have a great Thanksgiving to those that partake and treat people like you like to be treated. I've learned from people I disagree with just by listening to their point of view. Hey you might be wrong at times! Be happy every day! 

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I have owned five single frequency Nokta Makro detectors and enjoyed all of them. They are well made, have great features and just work as advertised. The only reason I don’t still have one is because of the need for high iron mineralization and hot rock handling that so far no single frequency detector from any manufacturer has been able to deal with very well. The N/M detectors did just as well as the others but had the same drawbacks too. 

I have eagerly awaited the new Nokta Makro Legend and will definitely own one at some point.

Nothing Dilek or Nokta Makro have said or done in their lead-up to the end user release of the Legend has bothered me one bit. Metal detecting is supposed to be fun. Their pre-release add was really funny and was done in jest. Anyone who can’t realize that really needs to examine their reasons for reacting to it negatively.

The same goes for anyone who has reacted negatively to Dilek, her delivery, or what she said.

If a person likes or dislikes one brand or another based on where it is made or what manufacturer’s name is on it so much that they don’t want to look at the actual performance of the detector…….again, they should really look at their motives for holding those “opinions”.

As others have said, the metal detecting community world wide is extremely lucky to have such an accessible company as Nokta Makro and its head of marketing….Dilek. I really look forward to owning the Legend after it has had time to get any last minute bugs ironed out.

Thanks Dilek and Nokta Makro.

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Someone mentioned the lack of an iron bias setting (at least so far) on the new Legend like the iron bias functions on the Equinox when it’s using multi frequency. As far as I know (which isn’t much) the way the Equinox Multi IQ handles the iron portion of the return signal by ignoring it as much as the iron bias filter will allow, is one factor that helps it have such good non-ferrous target ID especially in more iron mineralized ground and on deeper targets.

I look forward to seeing if and how well the Legend handles this conundrum.

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