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Got The Lead Out

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Now you get to find what was under and around all that stuff. 😀 

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   I know that some old cast iron waste pipes had lead poured into the joined ends to seal and hold the pipes together! My house was built in 1941, and still has a few left, that I didn't replace, as they were still intact! I'm not sure in what form/shape the lead was in before being used by the plumbers of the time though!!👍👍


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That is not from joining pipes together, the plate with some lead on it is rectangle not round.

I think it may have been from some sort of valve like a fire hydrant. I am probably wrong about that but lead of that size was never used on fresh water pipes, only on waste water systems.

It could also have been used in a hospital x-ray  room as a sealer to join the walls together. They had used thick panels of lead in those rooms.

I hope you uncover the mystery of what it went to.

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On 11/24/2021 at 6:06 AM, Againstmywill said:

Of course, I forgot the most plausible explanation... it's Templar, Baby! I'm sending it off now to have it analyzed. Will it be found to contain lead mined in Europe, or is there some other explanation that will add to the mystery of Oak Island?  🙂



I do believe you're on to something and it just has to be connected to Oak Island, BUT I wouldn't put it in your "Top Pocket" it will just rip your pocket off your shirt!! :2mo5pow: :ROFL:

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I've seen lots of those cast iron drain pipes uptah camp !

Didn't know about the lead though. 

Those pesky Templars !

All that lead,,,, IDs the same as gold too...."sorry 'bout that Chief , missed it by THAT much" !  





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