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I've had a Gold Bug for 5 or 6 months now. Intermittently when I press the "+" button to increase discrimination  it switches into pinpoint mode, will stay there until I release the button and re-press and will then work fine (usually). I've ensured my fat little finger is no where near the pin point button.  Been telling myself its likely just some software glitch, annoying, but I can live with it vs. sending it in for repair.  Part of me says "get it fixed before the warranty expires stupid". Well cooler weather is here and I will be sending it in.

Just curious if any of you have had the same problem?

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It's a problem with the buttons, it's not a software glitch, get it fixed under warranty.

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  • The title was changed to Gold Bug Problem

Phrunt, for clarification, are you saying you had this problem, and it was a bad switch/button?

Or are you just weighing in on your best guess?

I was just putting this question out there to see if it was a common problem or did I just get un-lucky.

By the lack of response it looks like the latter.

I was going to mail it in earlier this week, but then realized I have a four day weekend coming up and would make more sense to send it next week.

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If it was a software problem it'd be a problem with all Bugs on the same software version which it's not.  It'd be well documented if it was.

Sounds like the pod has a faulty button connection like the two buttons are occasionally shorting on each other.   I can't overly remember internally what it's like as I haven't pulled my Bug apart for over a year since I added a switch for all metal/disc onto it so I didn't have to mess around with the knob.


Certainly something you should get warranty on as it's not a software problem.


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