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Nevada Dink-o-rama


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That is a nice haul and glad that it was found by such a nice person.

Good luck on your next outing.

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Great results Keith. Though I am sure many will note the generally smaller size compared to most PI finds. It's not that the GPX 6000 won't find large gold, but unfortunately, more that the largest gold is cleaned out of a lot of places. The large gold is the easiest to find, and goes away the fastest.

I agree the GPX 6000, like many Minelabs, targets gold missed by prior models. Minelab is pretty good at doing that with each new model, keeping the game going. The GPX 6000 really is the Gold Bug of PI detectors, and those who cut their teeth hunting small gold with VLF detectors have an edge with this machine. It is not forgiving of those who are in a hurry. Those who go fast will not only miss that small stuff, but the large stuff at depth, that gives a tiny response no different than a small nugget near the surface. I've pulled gold from a measured 20" with the 6000, so I know it gets the depth on larger stuff. But it is the kind of small gold you are showing here that is the most common remaining at many locations, and those nuggets do add up. I know how you hunt, and the GPX 6000 was made for a guy like you, for whom slow and methodical is the order of the day.

Good luck down south, definitely time to seek warmer climes. We have had a fabulous November, one of the best ever, but the cold is catching up with us finally. One thing about those tiny dinks, I really don't like trying to find them in lumps of frozen dirt. :smile:

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