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Modified PulseDive Detector

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For those who do not know, Jason has modified a Nokta/Makro PulseDive. The PulseDive is actually a pulse induction pinpointer, but it has two accessory coils that basically turn it into a handheld PI detector. I thought myself that by simply putting it on a rod, one would have a really inexpensive beach PI detector, especially using the 8” coil option.

Very nice work Jason, and hopefully you can post some finds made with this setup in the future. Thanks for posting!


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FWIW - Quest has a competitive variant, the "Scuba Tector" (I cannot vouch for comparative performance with the Pulse Dive).  I mention it only because it is actually designed to accommodate attaching a rod.    Not saying it is better or worse, just thought it interesting that Quest was anticipating that a detectorist might be inclined to go there and took the notion to the next level. Point being, that the mod Jason executed and that Steve considered is probably something many of us have mused doing with a pinpointer with the right DNA.  Looks like a fun project!


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   I too would like to see more pictures and info, as I have one with both coils and the pinpointer! Looks like an interesting mod  and gives expanded options for use! Also NW may make the mod their own, in the next model, if there's enough interest!?👍👍

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After I modified it, I found that the detection depth is the same regardless of level 1 to level 5. I thought it was bad contact, but it wasn't. I kept thinking about what I did wrong, and later I found that there was a subtle relationship between the copper contact position of the pointer and coil. Then I tried to use a small stainless steel plate on the probe, constantly moving, while testing the depth of the mobile phone, find a suitable position with glue fixed, I solved the problem!


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