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Is This Cheating?

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If you found something (or did something) that couldn't have otherwise been accomplished but for the fact you were metal detecting (this includes what you did traveling to and from the hunting site), then you get credit for the accomplishment as a metal detectorist. 😎

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I still haven't claimed a detecting find for a diamond ring found at a 7-eleven parking lot on my way home from detecting.  I think you have to let this one go!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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I look at it this way: A lot of us have different brands of machines that we use to get treasure. You were simply using a "different machine" that day to find that chain. 😉 

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8 hours ago, Old Line Paul said:

My question is, does the International Brotherhood of Metal Detectorists’ Code of Conduct allow me to claim bragging rights for this as a legitimate “find”?

I don't think you are allowed to claim it as detecting unless you can let us know exactly what settings you were using at the time.

A: Factory default

B: Glasses on or off

C Any drinking at the time

D Sensitivity Mode

E: Pinpoint properly

F: Recovery speed

Please let us know about some of these items that I listed just to verify if it is a clear find.

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My wife says I've got metal detector eyes, I'm always finding stuff with my eyes, as a kid my parents had a bit of a long running joke about how much money I find, everywhere we went I was finding money on the ground, they used to say I must walk with my eyes glued to the ground.  When I was a little 7 year old I found a $100 note on the ground in the muddy wet car park when we arrived at a local fair (show), lets say we had a good day that day.  $100 was a lot of money back then in the 80's.

I being clueless at the time thought I'd found a $1 note and asked I could buy an ice cream as I found a dollar, my parents didn't even see the note straight away and were used to me finding money so it was no big deal, I gave it to my mum about an hour later to look after it so I didn't lose it and the shock on my parents faces 🙂

The two notes at the time didn't even look similar, but to an 7 year old it had one written on it and I'd never seen a hundred note before.

So I say your find is your find and counts towards your days tally, I've found plenty of good stuff with my eyeballs while detecting, it's still a find, and it's still something you found on your metal detecting day out 🙂

I like that you left a note on the notice board asking if someone lost something, that's the way I do it too, I don't like to say what it is or someone might just say they lost it.  I'm always very vague, if someone genuinely lost something they'd know what it is and be able to describe it.

There was just a news story on TV tonight in New Zealand about a metal detectorist that found a wallet on the beach, the wallet had been there something like 30 years I can't remember the exact time, the detectorist found the owner and posted it back to him.  It had some coins and his old bank card and his drivers license, the licenses were made out of paper back then and were a license for life, never needed replaced and the license survived for all that time buried up in the sand inside the wallet.  Pretty cool story and good publicity for detecting in a country that it's otherwise relatively unknown.  Good deeds can often be rewarding, even if it is just in the self satisfaction you've done a good deed.

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