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Is This Cheating?

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Well at least you did not lie to us and say you found it detecting lol so you get credit for that and as Phrunt says you have metal detecting eyes...we’ve all been trained to look down while hunting so thats why you found it. Once in a while I’ll see a video of some guy on the beach swinging his detector while lookin off into space..the coil is usually a foot or more off the ground 😄 

personally I’d be a little pissed it’s not gold but that’s just me 😀


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18 hours ago, GaryC/Oregon Coast said:

a diamond ring found at a 7-eleven parking lot on my way home from detecting.

Wow! There are two of us? Imagine a Venn diagram of the number of people who detect and the number of people who find jewelry in parking lots. The overlap can’t be very big.

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11 hours ago, phrunt said:

…as a kid my parents had a bit of a long running joke about how much money I find…

Aha! Brothers from different mothers!

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Actually, my wife probably finds more change in the parking lots than I find metal detecting.  Around forty bucks last year, just in small change.  If I'm in the car waiting for her in the market, I'll see her coming to the car by way of three rows over so she doesn't miss anything.  Her manta is "I don't need no metal detector to find money".  I have to live with that saying every time she picks up a penny!!!, Gota love her!!!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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A find is a find. It still goes in the treasure chest. Here is from earlier this year. 1st pic is taken from when I opened my car door upon getting to one of my beaches. At 1st I thought it was an earring. It's a 14k crushed nugget ring. After scavenging the rest of the lot , I also got this crushed silver ring. I was up before my coil hit the sand. It all counts.





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1 hour ago, King-Of-Bling said:

I was up before my coil hit the sand. It all counts.

OK, now you’re making me sad…🙄

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You got my vote of not cheating,...if that means anything. I think many of us are naturally drawn to anything that has that yellow or silver glow. Me, Someone holds up a handful of relics and there wearing a gold band.. no doubt the gold band commands my attention.

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My opinion for what it's worth, let say you're out swinging your detector and you see a gold/silver coin/jewelry just laying on the ground....you found it while metal detecting..right, so as others have said you detected a metal necklace with your eyes so you indeed found it metal detecting, the detector you used was your eyes, case closed!!!

Sorta a similar story, many years ago I went into a local bar on a Saturday around lunchtime to see if anyone was up for playing some pool/billiards no one was interested at the moment so I took a seat at the bar, placed my order and happen to look down and saw a ring on the floor, it was a very old art deco lady's gold diamond ring, I told the bartender I had found something on the floor, gave him my number and that if anyone came back that had lost something important to them have them give me a call... about 3 hours later a lady called me and said she had lost her great grandmother's ring that had been past down to her...she described it exactly....they were from out of town and just visiting relatives and leaving the next morning so we setup a meeting at a local restaurant they had planned on being at later that night, I returned the ring to her and her husband...they offered a reward but I refused but they wouldn't let me leave unless they could buy me dinner, we had a good meal and I wished them safe travels going home, I slept well that night with a full belly and a good feeling that she had her great grandmother's ring back!! 

Back then I didn't own a metal detector but I found that ring metal detecting with my eyes, so I can say I found it metal detecting and I don't care if it was cheating!!

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