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Iso GPX Minelab 12 Volt Lithium Battery

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    • By HotSauce
      I am in search for a pair of used headphones to use on my ML 4500.  If anyone has a pair that they no longer use, let me know, my sunray pros finally went out on me. 
    • By Tony
      Chasing a working and intact small coil for the Garrett XL500 Pulse detector. 
      I believe the small coil is around the 7” to 8” size. 
      This is what they look like and yes they are hard to come by.

    • By Dan(NM)
      All I want is the main housing unit, I do not want the rods, coil, battery, etc. Please contact me with a price, thanks.
    • By bigtim1973
      Looking for 8x9 Tesoro coil cover. Can PayPal. Thanks
    • By HotSauce
      Hey guys and gals,
      I am in search of the 14x9 Evo coil, am also open to the 12 Evolution, and 15 inch Evo if no 14x9 are available ..if anyone has one that's used but  in very good condition let me know. 
    • By Compass
      I have a friend who is currently using my loaner Dual Field. He likes it and wants his own. Looking for a clean, low mileage, salt water friendly coil DF. I know that some of those coils have had small leaks making them useless in the salt water and not interested in those. Thanks!
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