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New Pouch From Garrett?

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Yikes! I was merely suggesting a post where interested people would give ideas for a "be all" pouch. There are lots of choices out there, my current one is one I posted recently:20211012_105135.thumb.jpg.64419938852582d8b1f163c8f7d650b7.jpg

This fairly recent invention by Calces365, the company that made the water-ready pouch I used all summer, but blew out the zippers because I dug so many coins at the campgrounds I visited. 😀 This has a solid bottom pouch (left) that I keep my composite trowel, folding frisbee, and brushes in. It also has a Velcro top mesh pocket inside and a small flap pocket that holds "keepers", but it wouldn't hold 200 coins. 😁 The other side pouch unfolds to be a huge trash pouch with a mesh bottom. When the pouch is open the flap that holds it compact doubles as a holder for my new hand digger, the Devil's Tongue by kac.20211122_174136.thumb.jpg.287c749a3d7089055d95b9b93811fc35.jpg Both pouches are on a Velcro belt that keeps them in place. That belt will also keep the Carrot in place with the Velcro.

Best part of it is the price: US $20.

I'm still thinking of getting the Garrett pouch, guess it's just Gear Acquisition Syndrome. 😵

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Got the puch in a day early. Materials are much heavier than the old Garrett pouch. Mesh bottom is only on the front which is good so you don't slop up your leg. Strap is 1/2" wider than the old pouch and super long. Had to cut it down. Zippers are much beefier so think they will last longer than the old fine zippers. Pinpointer holster fits the Minelab Profind 35 but is a little tight, too tight for the Nokta Pulse pointer but not a big deal, just hun the other holster on it with the belt clip the Nokta holster has. I have a new digger holder I am testing and it clips perfectly on the d-ring in the middle.

Overall it isn't leather so I won't feel bad sloppig it up, seems much more rugged than my previous pouches. Very happy with it. Curious why Garrett didn't really advertise it or maybe I just missed it.

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