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Old Button Other Side?

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Haven't post much lately, haven't done a lot of detecting and haven't found anything worth posting unless you count clad but thought this might be interesting.

I have been doing some cleanup hunting with my Tejon, slow methodic sweeps in areas that are pretty cleaned out. I basically run my primary disc to break on a cut nail and 2nd disc I will run it lower than a tab. Any crackle hits I swipe in a couple of directions to see if it comes in clean or if I still get a hit with the alt disc (mixed targets). All faint fringe targets I will dig and generally ignore loud flat shallow targets.

Last year on a hill side about 10" down I found this civ war naval button. Was just the front.IMG_1757.thumb.JPG.1d145493f4ec16bdbb23fbe00d2deb3b.JPG

This year at the bottom of the hill where I found a gold ring and yellow diamond I got another hit but not as deep.


Remembering where I found the button and location of this back I believe they are the same button.


Back is badly degraded but seems to be the right back for that button and there are not a lot of them in the area.

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Very neat and good sleuthing skills on your part.

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Looks like you have reunited the button to what it was when it was lost.

Good work on your part to keep things right.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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