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Picking Through Some Old Hunted Out Spots

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Finally got my Tejon up and running. Had to use some potentiometer cleaner that has a lubricant in it. I sprayed inside the pots where the pins are and not the top. I didn't want to break down the dampening grease. At first not much improved but after a day later and a good work in they run smooth. Big difference as I can now hear the nuance between iron, aluminum and good targets. My basic settings is crank the sensitivity up but still have no chatter. Next ground balance as good as I can. My primary disc set just slightly above the iron where an iron cut nail will crackle. This helps me skip past the tiny junk and run really quiet. If I hear any crackle I'll swing the coil in a couple different directions and listen for any descent tones or spikes that may indicate a masked object. 2nd disc is set at the high mark of nickel. This keeps the tiny silvers like trimes, half dimes etc. Hunting I listen for just the nice tone rolls, soft tiny ones I can use my 2nd disc as junk check to see if they are super deep or just foil.

Park is really old but has a massive hill so bottom has some serious top soil where I dug a couple cans in the +14" mark. One clad quarter was past the 12". Super deep targets it can be tricky to tell cans from large silver as they are getting to the fringes of the machine.

Couple Musket balls, some clad, nice rosette so far. These are from short lunch break runs so only been hitting smaller areas. The rock has iron in it and is heavy, maybe iron ore? Sounded way better than it looks ๐Ÿ™‚

Still tons of targets and the area is right for one the old USA gold coins so I do tend to dig the small aluminum just to be sure.




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Nothing like showing that skill is everything. Great job kac, I have much to learn. ๐Ÿ‘

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More like patience and perseverance....

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Nice job on the fix.

Glad to see the finds you were able to pull from the ground and save.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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