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Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

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Have you ever been looking for something and can’t find it but yet it’s was right in front of you ! I know myself I was looking for a hammer the other day but it was there and at first I couldn’t see it.

 This is why I believe the Legend is being sent out at the last moment to finalize that all is well with it .

 The engineers working everyday with the Legend may over look a simple glitch that a tester in the field may catch it right away..

 Being a detector now days may be more programming than electronic it can be corrected before it gets into the customer hands .

 I know I go to the pantry all the time looking for something I want to eat and tell my wife I can’t find it. Right off she’s say it’s right there in front of you and like always you can’t see it. It makes me feel so good when she can’t find it either.

 I know we’ve waited a very long time for the Legend and the way it looks the wait is not over yet.

 I do believe we won’t be disappointed and great things come to those who are willing to wait.

 Merry Christmas to you and may God bless you and yours.


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It's always funny how you seem to find things you were looking for at just the right time. When it's meant to be found and not before then.

I wish Nokta the best with their Legend shipping when it happens. What will be more fun is hearing about the first field tests.

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