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Minelab Vs Coiltech Coils

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It’s not a Coiltek vs Minelab thing. There are six coils you can get, each one has a place on an Equinox depending on what you are doing. In my opinion only four are worth serious consideration. If you want a 6x10 get the Coiltek, if any of the other three, you’ll be getting a Minelab coil.

The 6” round gets into the tiniest locations, and hits the smallest targets.

The 6x10 gets about the same small item performance as the 6 round, a hair more depth on larger stuff, but mainly covers more ground, while still getting into tight spots. Excellent target separation, and a very popular coil size.

11” round is the best all rounder, which is why it’s the stock coil

12x15 gets best depth on larger targets while still doing well on smaller stuff (but not as well as smallest coils), and for a large coil is relatively light, superb for covering huge fields or beaches.

In my opinion only, the Coiltek 9x14 offers no depth real edge over the 11” round, though it does have a better ground coverage profile. As an epoxy filled coil it is heavy, and I’d only really consider it possibly for underwater use.

The 15” round is simply too heavy, for no real extra depth, especially in mineralized ground. If in mild soil, and on larger items, it would offer the best depth of any Equinox coil, but overall I’d say pass on this one. If you have to do it, get an aftermarket counterbalanced shaft. Not a bad idea with the 12x15, and pretty much a necessity with this coil. Again, just my opinion.


Equinox coils by Minelab

Equinox coils by Coiltek


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