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Things To Do During The Storm (without A Wife)

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As if that were not enough, after having to create a new straight rod for the detector that I used immersed for 20 minutes, considering the new storm that arrives, today I have chosen an even worse scourge ...

I have been waiting for months to complete a decent trolley that will help me transport cylinders and dpv without sinking into the sand and today might be the day🤣.

It is out of the question that I buy balloon wheels at that price and I don't like the Idea of punctures happened in the past.

So I'm recreating from a scratch the trolley with a bigger contact surface hopefully good to better distribute the weight on 6 wheels.

Now the big problem that separates me from finishing the structure and mounting the containment sides Is a mix of aluminium and stainless steel not properly friends when soldering.

Question now Is: Will this project finally see the light?🤣

At the worst, this crap will finish with bolts😁...




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10 hours ago, UtahRich said:

Any thoughts of trying a Dive tank sled for pulling across the sand? 

I tried to use different trolleys with inflated wheels and solid wheels.

To slide Is a good concept if You're in a perfect condition of a beach entrance next to the parking lot...

In my area, I'm frequently far from the water and forced to leave the car at least 600mt. from where I can dive.

No doubts, this Is the most difficult place to go and finds are.....guess how many..

So, if You see pictures downthere I can smile and say that this Is a dream more than reality.

Right now I'm transporting by hands: 12kg ballast inside the wing, 19kg cylinder (15lt.mono tank), 24kg.Suex Dpv...Not to mention detector, fins,knife,diver signal and myself🔥💣...

(With the wetsuit on and burning trough the path)..

At the end of the day I'm not so far from a Navy Seal or...a dead man walking back to the car😑




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Nice concept for the wheels, and after reading what you stated for the distance that you have to travel what about this. Make a sled that has retractable wheels like they do for airplanes in snowy areas. That way when you are on pavement you are using wheels, and can switch to sled mode when you hit the beach. With the right sled it would even be able to go through mud.

Just a thought.

Was the girl in the bottom picture your wife, if not is she available?

Good luck.

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3 hours ago, Valens Legacy said:

Was the girl in the bottom picture your wife, if not is she available?


Actually the girl Is a model and I found those pictures on Google typing "scuba tank trolley" ...

As for the sled concept, I have estimated a total weight amount of almost 70kg. to transport including all the stuffs I bring usually when I'm scuba diving half day or 3 hours session.

Keeping in mind this value, to avoid sinking in the sand, the surface must be large and thick enough to support all things and don't crack on the road...This mean a good stainless sheet with even more weight and bigger dimensions to take It in my little daily car.

I need a van like the air to breath, something to transform in a roadhome with hot shower, bathroom and tanks onboard, not to mention the kitchen (my Kingdom😁)... Unluckily this Is not the time to invest or for a Loan cause the next quarantine Is near the corner...I'm glad to wait even for the Deus2 cause actually I don't even know when I'll be able to travel again and Hunt seriously like the past.

I'm just scratching the dust on the top, compared with high numbers😔

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You're gonna need one of these:GLOBAL_EXPEDITION_VEHICLES_SAFARI_EXTREME_4X.max-420x243.jpg.b9cc84409ca51fad36f4debb7445fe90.jpg


It's the only way... 🤣 Great job on the dolly! 👍

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A little update before to test it on the beach...

Right now I still need more leverage on the handle and I'll add some length to better pull the weight.

Also, the containing area must be improved with a plastic box big enough to keep firm the bcd,the tank and the dpv.

I'm not considering to transport the detector inside of It...Based on experience, never keep heavy stuff near the baby.💣


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