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How Did Your 2021 Gold Tally Up?


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Sorry, I couldn't resist! 😄 This is my gold finds since summer....1.20 ounces. It's about half or a little less of what I found for the whole year. My wife is wearing some of it and won't give it back for a weigh-in! It's a mix of 10, 14, and 18K and all found within a half hour of home. I hope everyone here finds a bunch more this coming year!

Cheers folks, Mark


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21 wasn't a great year for me getting on the gold. I panned a few specs and finally tried some MDing in Nevada but got skunked. I hope I can find that nugget this year. 

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Been my worst year for finding gold. The few times ( because of you know what} I have been able to get out ( I'm 69 ) only 3 times. Once with the 5000 and just 8 hours with the 6000. Will get out more this year, I hope. 

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