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Is This A Meteorite?

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I think it's a meteor It's not magnetic but it is smaller than a penny. I found it metal detecting came up as a 10 and it's not metallic. And by the way I don't know much about meteors so please explain well if you know wut it is. I mainly collect minerals I just wanted to know if it was a meteor




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The "10" was probably your first indication it isn't a meteorite. What detector? There is a wealth of info on this site regarding the identification of a suspect alien object. 🙂 Use the search function, you'll be happy you did.

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Based on it’s roughness and lack of a fusion crust, I think it’s a meteorwrong. To help your ID of it, do a streak test by rubbing it on raw porcelain like the back of your toilet tank lid. If it is Hematite, it’ll streak a reddish color, and if its magnetite, it’ll leave a black streak.

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