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Jus Got Wilimight For X Mas

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If you kept going I was going to combine all your threads into one. If you overdo posting item after item without doing the most basic research yourself, don’t be surprised if people start to tune you out. In general it’s wise to be sparing with the basic “what’s this” types of posts. We get so many “what is this rock I found in my driveway” posts here and on the meteorite forum that I’ve considered banning id requests.

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Welcome, @Carter!  It has become customary here for a new poster (even just readers) to introduce him/herself in the Meet and Greet subforum.  Why don't you do that and tell us about yourself?

There are many subforums here and one you've alreardy found.  This site is mostly about metal detectors and their uses but as you can see, there are other related topics.

It is very difficult for even geology experts (of which I am far, far from being) to identify a rock or mineral from a photograph.  There are many hints that specimens can give such as specific gravity, streak (from a 'streak test'), crystal structure,....  The list goes on.

I wish I could give you a good list of tutorial materials, but other than searching through YouTube (below is an example of what is available there), I'm not sure about what the best way of learning is in this 3rd decade of the 21st Century.  But if you're really interested in rocks, minerals, and geology (which appears to be the case) I'm confident you will persevere and find a way to become an expert.  Good fortune in that endeavor.


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