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Hunting An Old Drained Pond

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That’s a lot of digging. I have to say I really enjoy your use of PI detectors to hunt for coins, something rarely seen. And the realistic presentation of the trash dug. Not seeing that would give a totally different impression. Thanks for posting.

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1 hour ago, rvpopeye said:

WTG What a display !

Now take that PI to the other shore and clean up after those early birds !

On my way to my next beach hunt tomorrow. It will be a cakewalk compared to that pond hunt 😄

1 hour ago, NCtoad said:

Congrats on all the finds!   That’s a nice ring and a nice prize for a four hour hunt. 

Thanks. Without the ring, I would have just found a crusty Indian and a war nickel. The ring saved the day for sure.

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