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First off I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and 2022 is full of outdoor detecting adventures that exceed your wildest expectations.

I personnaly can't get out enough and when I do frankly a loser day is a winner for me.....of course a few nuggets will make it even better!

I'm tossing out to the readers a location I found about a year ago. It's very unmentioned on the web and pretty much anywhere.

The townsite of Saint Marys outside of Imlay NV.

It's on the banks of the Humboldt River. Only one stone foundation still around.

This location is commemorated with a trail marker on the California Emigrant Trail.

When detecting I found and unbelievable cache of boot tacks. A saucer, square nail and a small intact perfume bottle.

I was using my now in mothballs Whites DFX 300. I can't blame the equipment I'm new to detecting.

I plan to go back with my Gold Bug and see if I can find more than boot tacks.

The reason I'm posting this is.....does anyone have any information about this townsite?

Have a safe New Years to all.

St. Marys finds.jpg

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KS - Ghost towns of NV book has this listed with some info and directions...so it's probably far more known than anticipated.  

If there is a way to PM you, i can send you a picture of the information on that page.  New to the site, and haven't explored direct message options.  (Just figured it out and messaged you).

Bad news is that is lasted for all of several months back in 1863.


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Thank you for responding. I guess I need to pull that book off my bookshelf and take a look. 

I was camping at my claim on Rye Patch and spoke with a park ranger who directed me there.

Apparently he and his boss are big metal detectorist. He put me right on the spot.

Theres an incredible amount of shattered plates and material of that sort.....and rattlers!

I have an image of that foundation somewhere....I'll post it if I can find it.

Thanks for the info...have a great New Year!


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I know this isn't necessarily detecting material but its definently relic hunting land and of course boot tack heaven!

C 66 trail Marker.jpg

last remaining evidence of St. Marys.jpg

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KS1652, zincoln is right :  That lasted all of a few months.  Perhaps all of a few dozen persons.     And it post-dated the massive emigrant traffic (gold rush).   So don't be fooled by its proximity to the east/west emigrant traffic.   I don't think it had much traffic for travel-purposes (which is what you want if you're angling for coins). 

Don't be fooled by the term "town".   That was a loose term in those days to just mean any cross-roads or wherever a few structures were thrown up.   Not like in the sense of how we think of "town" or "village" today.  Ie.: With laid out streets, etc...

Also don't be fooled by the Paher mention of "2 hotels" :  Back then anyone who let-out the rear bedroom of a shack, that was considered a "hotel".   Not like we think of "hotel" in today's terms, with multiple rooms for set-aside purpose in a set-aside building, etc...

My buddies and I passed by there, looked at the foundations, but elected to not even bother stopping.  We were on our way elsewhere, that had actual traveler-purpose and longer-run-history.

But seeing as how you're only a few hours from there :  By all means, work the snot out of it.  Even though it's no secret (and has no doubt been md'd before), yet .... ya never know.  If you find anything worthwhile there, let us know.

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Hi Tom

All true and noted. The site has seen it's better days due to the harse soil and weather.

Most glass and ceramics have been exposed to extreme heat and cold so long not much is left on the surface.

As far as hotels....I agree. I felt at times I was running a youth hostel at home when my twin sons and their wives all lived here while attending college!

Thats why I was shocked to find the small bottle and saucer. I think you're not alone is chosung to pass on the site and just maybe that can be a plus. Considering the sites proximity to my claim its a hop skip and a jump so not too much time wasted trying one more time. One thing to consider is the Majuba meteorite strewn field appears to move in that direction...maybe a space rock to be found there!

I found a small 27 gram meteorite on my claim where 2 others were found and documented on the Meteoritical Society website. Thinking the heavier stones travel further....you never know!

I appreciate the responses everyone.

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