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3rd Times A Charm

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I am awaiting arrival of my 3rd Xp Deus.  I have bought and sold used ones 2 times before, and this will be my 3rd one.  Im getting the ws4 (i still have my quest headphones that the puck slides into which is as good as having the ws5's to me), Remote, 11" x35 and Eliptical HF coil. The same setup I had with my 2nd one. I have been an Equinox user since day one with its release, and still will be using it, I know that machine really well and have made many amazing finds with it, even made it into Andy Sabisch's revised Equinox book with one of them (over 150 Confederate bullets from a Ford). But, back to the Deus, I really do like the platform and the detector. Have nothing at all bad to say about it.  I do love the little hf coil for super iron infested sites, and the x35 coil is an awesome all rounder. I have and use many different machines in additon to my Equinox. I like to flog a productive site until nothing else can be found with many different machines and coil combinations. I just felt now was a good time to revisit the Deus as I have seen many good deals with the announcement of the Deus 2.  So I will be loading up Calabash Diggers relic Pitch program and a couple more cutom programs I like, and back in the Deus saddle again soon. The Deus is a fantastic machine and I look forward to having it at my disposal again, I have had some good finds with it in the past. Happy hunting!

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Yes good idea to keep on with the D1 if you are an inland hunter 

Probably the Deus2 wont be better than the D1 in inland iron infested sites . A field test comparison has still to be done between them , however I dont see a D2/9" coil beating a D1/eliptical HF on nail beds ...  

On the other hand the D2 will probably be deeper than the D1 on medium/big coins on clean inland soils and of course it can do things that the D1 cannot do, beach hunting and diving , plus it has a new SQUARE audio , the bottlecap rejection etc ... 


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