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Deus 2 Prospecting Mode

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I haven't seen it yet either. In fact only one guy has had the guts to try the official Relic mode on Deus ll and make videos of it. Deus ll Relic mode is the same as Deus ll Gold mode except it is operating at slightly lower frequency weighting somewhere around 25 kHz. The same fellow from Derbyshire also used his ORX and went head to head with Deus ll in his latest video. Deus ll was in Relic mode and ORX was in Coin Fast........why he didn't put the ORX in Gold 1 or Gold 2 is beyond me.

The first video is Deus ll Relic vs General mode under this same XP category here.

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ORX, program Gold1  31.3khz..., REACTIVITY 2.5-3... ...Disc IAR is on 5 ../ 9.5" HF..Elliptical coil /.

Disc IAR  to 4max / Hf 9"Round coil/...

Some direct comparison of Deus II from Orx is also interesting for me ...We will see...

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Yes, me too. I have the Orx w/ 9" hf coil. I hunt freshwater lakes. I did a test with Orx on a sand beach. I buried a 14k gold ring, 3.77 grams at 14" and it hit it hard. I'm going to test it again this spring and see if it will hit it at 17". 

I'm wondering in my mild lakes do I need the Deus 2. I liked the Equinox 800 water hunting. I've used the Orx water hunting. For my hunting it feels like I don't need the Deus 2 as incredible as it is. I'm thinking I should just use the Orx water hunting.


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On 1/3/2022 at 2:18 PM, Mxt Sniper said:

Has anyone tried the Deus 2 prospecting mode yet in the goldfields? How does it compare to the Gold Monster, etc?

I can’t speak for the Deus 2 Gold Field program vs the Goldmonster 1000. I can speak for the Deus 1 and ORX vs Goldmonster 1000.

Just remember currently there are four big differences at least on paper between the Deus 2 Gold Field program and the Deus 1/Orx Gold programs. Two are big positive differences in my opinion which are Deus 2 GoldField is FMF or selectable single frequency and Deus 1/ORX is just single frequency. Deus 2 also has a choice of PWM VCO or Square Wave VCO audio. One big negative is the lack of a small elliptical coil for Deus 2. Deus 1 and ORX have the 9.5X5” elliptical. The other somewhat negative is Deus 2 highest single frequency is roughly 45 kHz. Deus 1 and ORX highest single frequency is 81 kHz.

Compared to the Goldmonster 1000 vs Deus 1/ORX, Goldmonster 1000 is fully automated with the iron probability screen and iron reject and sensitivity adjustments along with 2 great coils.

Deus 1 and ORX in Gold modes are basically threshold based all metal modes on steroids with ground grab ground balancing, iron reject on or off, iron audio on or off, VCO 1 tone audio, reactivity/recovery speed adjustments, threshold volume adjustments, 0 to 99 target ID, iron probability graph, mineralization graph, depth graph, pinpoint, internal rechargeable batteries and wireless audio. 

As far as performance in hot ground, adjustability to handle hot ground and overall features AND incredible ergonomics…….I would pick the Deus 1/ORX and Deus 2.

As far as ease of setup and automation in more moderate ground, Goldmonster 1000.

Sensitivity to small gold is similar…we are talking 1/2” difference or less depending on ground conditions and if one is using the HF 9.5X5” elliptical coil with Disc. IAR OFF.

If Deus 2’s FMF simultaneous multi frequency really can pretty much make the ground be fairly easy to see through in hot iron mineralization much like only the Equinox 800 can currently down to about 6”……….that would be a huge plus for Deus 2 compared to any detector currently made which is what makes the Equinox 800 such a good gold prospecting detector. XP claims in their Deus 2 manual that it will see through bad ground. No proof for me yet. We will see, just like we will see how the Legend performs in similar conditions.

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