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Relic Hunting Persistence And Bittersweet Recoveries

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Thanks, Dave.  Glad you got in on some of that brass action in that field too..  Just down the road they were pulling out thousands of minie balls across the road from the park n ride, another field that's usually full of beans when DIV visits.  It was apparently a staging area for regiments in reserve supporting troops engaged in the Battle of Brandy Station.

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Oh that's where we hunted next to Parking lot. Your tractor pic is of that field, I see the lil white church, so assumed that's where you guys were too. Funny, we met at the parking lot that morning and I was watching the first couple guys digging non stop in the freshly cropped field and told my buddies, I think we should stay. Then the disc tractor showed up and made conditions perfect for the day, it was on.  My first steps on that field and I just started pulling relics non stop and never moved out of the  40'x40 square I grid all day, finishing with upwards of 50 bullets and some miscellaneous brass.

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