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5 hours ago, Old Line Paul said:

I kept a diary of my first year detecting. I plan to do a similar summary when I’m bored some snowy day. But, trust me, I won’t be posting it! My year probably won’t amount to what some of you guys call an average day😊😊😊

Good to keep a detecting log -- if you keep it up-to-date (add info after every detecting session. before the next one) it's pretty easy.  I don't post to show off as there are many here who do much better than I do.  It's a good way for me to cyrstalize my thinking on what's happened over the year (including what I've learned -- very important) but most significantly, what improvements I will make in the next year.

My first year detecting (after returning from a 45 year hiatus) I think I found one Indian Head Penny and one Mercury dime.  Had a ball every minute, mostly finding junk but making mental notes about what I saw and heard.  I learned a lot and I've learned a lot every year since.  Getting your coil over the good stuff is 80%+ of success at this endeavor.  Working on that 80% (i.e. finding good sites to detect) is time well spent.  It's like playing a sport -- the practice & prepration is the work and takes most of the time.  The game is the most fun part -- not just the scoring (making finds) but the satisfaction you get from realizing the learning and researching are what led to the success.

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