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Deus 2 On Gold Chains... Will Be The Killer Or Another One.....?


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I don't think there would be any problem underwater with the external battery connector. A higher frequency head for the deus 2 would be interesting.

I did a small table test, but in combination with wet soil. The test item was a piece of 14K chain weighing 1.5 grams and a hoop earring (0.6 gram). The ID number in the air was chain: 31, earring: 39
When placed on the ground, the chain is 26-28, buried 4 cm deep it is already solid 25, or an iron sound. This depends on the set program. I recently found an 18g stainless steel chain in water, a solid 25, but it was a wide, long signal. If you use the NOTCH function, it greatly reduces the chance of finding a gold chain.

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1 hour ago, Timmysys said:

I don't think there would be any problem underwater with the external battery connector.

That’s kind a of a flip statement considering that we’re not talking just submerging the coil in the wash.  We’re talking making it watertight at the dive-rated depth of 60+ feet (20 meters) where the static pressure on the external battery connector is subjected to a pressure of nearly 30 psi which is conservatively like a 300 lb weight pressing down on the connector interface.  I would say “no problem” is perhaps understating the design challenge XP is facing by exposing the connector directly to that static pressure rather than embedding the battery in the coil and letting the coil structure take the static pressure load.  Of course XP has proved the HF coils can be dunked to a depth of couple meters, but 20 meters is a whole different ballgame to keep it dive rated as XP supposedly desires.

Regarding the previous comment about shrinking the board, that’s true but only part of the design challenge as the SMF modes especially dive mode and Square Wave audio using the bone phones suck more juice, likely requiring more capacity (bigger volume) than is provided in the existing HF coil external battery.

If XP gives up the dive rating requirement, then yeah, problem is likely solved though they have mentioned that shrinking this board is more difficult than first gen Deus.  But like I said, they don’t appear inclined to take the easy way out for whatever reason.

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