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SDC Not Working As Water Detector, Get A Nox?

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16 minutes ago, c47gold said:

Yeah, I always used the original shaft on the Excalibur which worked fine for me in rough ocean waters. It's true that the Excalibur didn't pick up thin stuff very well but I found some nice gold rings! As I get older though, I like the idea of a lighter, all purpose detector, if it's good in the water. I'm guessing that Minelab will replace the 800 with a deeper diving machine and just charge a bunch more, so If the Legend proves to do all that the Equinox 800 can do and is more waterproof, that would be great for me. 

I mean upgrade the 800 to be able to dive deeper and be more waterproof


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23 hours ago, c47gold said:

I mean upgrade the 800 to be able to dive deeper and be more waterproof


There are a few Youtube videos by people coming up with ideas to seal the 800 for water use, one by a very well known beach hunter. Just search "Equinox in water" on Youtube to see those and many videos by deep water Nox users. You might be able to contact some of them directly to get their experiences with the Equinox in salt water.

I only beach detect once or twice a year and don't go in the water (illegal where I detect), but I've dropped my 800 in the surf several times and always hosed it down after salt water beach hunting with no problems. Personally, I consider any detector only submersible to 10 feet to be dunk proof, like an IP68 rated watch or cellphone, and not intended for extended use in deep water regardless of manufacturer claims.

If you want truly waterproof, I feel like your only current options are an Excalibur II or possibly the New Deus II, which hasn't been seen user tested fully submerged in salt water for extended periods yet.

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