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Aaron’s Tarsacci Forum

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8 minutes ago, Ridge Runner said:

 Chase is correct on that I’m talking about Aaron’s forum. I do thank you Joe.

 JCR had said something about Dimitar talking about maybe making a smaller coil for the Tarsacci and I wanted to see what maybe was said on the forum if anything.

 Thanks again guys!


Chuck,  If Aaron doesn't pop back in soon, you can probably just ask Dimitar directly if you have his contact info.  He's pretty responsive.  Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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Aaron's forum was a bit slow paced but had some good information & thoughtful members, I hope it reappears.

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Well I went ahead and called the number I had for Aaron but after several rings a recorder came on so I left a message. I just said a bunch of guys are concerned about him and his forum. That we know his forum is down but hopping he’s not too.

 We all know that Aaron has been a great help in learning more about the Tarsacci bye word of mouth are bye his videos.

 Like always if I are any of you hear something about Aaron please post it here.



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