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7 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I do hope Aaron is well. Maintaining forums can be more pain than business owners end up wanting to deal with once the initial newness wears off, so I get that. But videos disappearing and more, especially not responding to Dimitar, sounds more serious. :sad: If he is not responding to phone calls or email nothing I can do to find out unfortunately.

I took the liberty of cleaning up the thread, hope nobody gets bothered over it. Added clarification and a forum link in Chuck’s original post, but the link is still dead. If he is using a third party forum supplier, it could be them, not him, but that does not explain all the videos being gone. That took conscious action on Aaron’s part.

Levity also might come back to bite - just saying. I hope he is just off on an extended vacation, but I don’t like the feel of this. If anyone has a way to confirm he is ok, please let us know. But also remember people deserve privacy. We don’t need to know stories. Aaron can tell those if he wishes. I just would like to know he is ok.

A most level headed solution to this situation.

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