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Switched Over To The Stock Coil For Trashy Sites

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I sent a email to Dimitar asking about a lower shaft and he said he had them for 65 dollars. I know it had been talk about him start selling them but this was a first to know he was .

 I also ask about him making a smaller coil like a lot of us want but he replied back on the shaft not one word was said about any coil.

 I sent him a email and thanked for the quick response back and his time.


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I did some testing & hunting this weekend with my new to me stock 8.5X11 coil for the MDT 8000.

I like it just as well as the 12" The practical depth seems to be about the same. I did not dig any targets that confirm an improvement in separation, but that is just 2 short hunts. I will keep it mounted for now & continue to see how it does. I realize I am pushing the MDT to perform in nails that it really is not set up for. Just trying to learn it's capabilities so I can use it to best effect.

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