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More Finds With Eq800 In El Paso Mountains

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Yes, a couple of points. I was at Gerry's class last June at Rye Patch when he showed that "largish" nugget 'sprinkled with gold that almost ALL detectors sounded off on EXCEPT the GPX5000.

Bishop, yes I finally got frustrated with the 5000 although I got tips from Pat Keene (and others) who found quite a bit of gold..some large gold with it. That June class had the 1st 6000 detectors just being delivered and the way Gerry conducts the class, when someone picks up a likely target he has everyone come over and swing over the spot. I quickly saw that the 6000 punches way way deeper (our EQ800's wouldn't make a 'peep' )and the 6000 owner would dig another nice nugget. I did get to swing the 6000 a little and what a joy..perfectly balanced. I still want to try one here in the EL Paso's which is loaded with hot rocks to see what challenges there are.

              As for what numbers showed up with the EQ ..well I was detecting the way G taught us, that is to use "all metal" for more depth then I would switch it off to double check what I thought I had as a target. This quickly became untenable what with hot rocks and I was in a wash/drainage with tons of trash..small wire, screws, tin can lids etcetera. So I switched it up and ran with discrimination 'on' and then once in awhile I would turn disc. off to double check a target and to dig the target. The gold piece registered about '21' so I assumed it was another tin can lid which I had already found. But  the signal was so strong in all modes I decided to dig it anyway and I'm glad I did! The ground being wet/moist it came out dirty/muddy and I thought can this be real? Having no water close I spit on it and sure enough it was shiny! WOW!

              Phrunt..you are absolutely correct different detectors DO complement each other and I am learning that lesson. If the 6000 is able...make that if I am am able  to figure out how to best use the 6000 on this ground...I will go ahead and get one. Hopefully my NorCal "friend" will come down in Feb and I can try his.

             As for the weight of the nugget, I have NEVER had anything this big to weigh so I tried to set it to ounces and thought I got 1.71 ounces. I'll have my 30+ years  prospecting buddies weigh it for me when I see them...they'll laugh at me for my ignorance..they load there own ammo and know ALL gold weights and numbers.

 (Corrected about discrimination)

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49 minutes ago, aerospace guy said:

Should have said I ran mostly with disc ON then doubled checked in 'all metal" mode..my bad!

There is an edit feature (click on the three dots upper right corner) so you can edit/ correct your posts after the initial posting.

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6 hours ago, aerospace guy said:

I was at Gerry's class last June at Rye Patch when he showed that "largish" nugget 'sprinkled with gold that almost ALL detectors sounded off on EXCEPT the GPX5000.

My recollection is that the purpose of that section of the class, at least at the time I took it 3 years ago, was to show that every detector has native gold targets that it misses.  There isn't (or wasn't at the time) a single detector sensitive to every native gold target.

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GB you are right, although the 6000 comes close..doesn't pick up teeny tiny gold like my EQ800 does but heck, I'd trade that for all the deeper gold! Gerry said that he showed Minelab 'people' the same thing that I saw demonstrated that the 5000 does not pick up some specimens. It's ON ME that it took so long for me to move on and sell the 5000. That's a lesson learned.

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10 hours ago, nebulanoodle said:

Nice looking chunk! How much does that sucker weigh in grams? I’m not familiar with gold measured in carats

Will re weigh in grams...that's what I'm used to anyway..most of my finds being smaller..look for it.

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27 minutes ago, aerospace guy said:

I've never had a find this big so excuse my ignorance..I finally weighed it in grams which is what I am used to anyway. Weighs 34.4 grams..so 1.212 ounces? Anyway biggest I have found!

The *real* indication of its size is to see it in Gerry's mouth.  :laugh:

Have you thought about measuring its specific gravity and then doing a calculation based upon a couple assumptions (host rock density and gold purity ==> gold alloy density)?

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Steve,  That is the best looking gold  nugget I've seen so far in 2022.  you my friend are on Cloud 10 (Cloud 9 isn't good enough for that find).  I'm so proud of you and all the efforts you have put into it.  Now you are a proud member of the 1 pounce club.  Sure it's a specimen but that vein looks pretty thick and I'm sure the GPX-5000 will hear it.  21 is pretty high on the NOX, so when you go back and check again, I would expect it to read 12 to 14 range (I could be wrong).

I know you were not a fan of the GPX-5000 as you did see some of it's weak points.  But in areas with good size gold and if quite a bit of man made iron trash, the DD coil and DISC mode work well with a GPX-5000.  Just make sure you learn the blanking and keep it separated from the hiccup of a big nugget.  yes there are differences.

Anyway, Glad you took the class, learned from my Staff and then went and found Big Heavy Rocks.

That Equinox 800 is such a dream to sweep all day in rough terrain and trash areas.

I know you are hooked now so the GPX-6000 is getting closer to being in your hands.

Well earned buddy.

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