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Performance Difference Between A 6000/di Series 3 And A 5900 Pro Plus (blue Box)? Is The 6000 Xl Pro Better?

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I currently have a Whites 6000/Di Series 3, but always wanted a 5900. I always heard that the blue box 5900 Pro Plus was the best/deepest of the 5900 series. It offered an on/off switch for the SAT by the coil connector and had the GEB Max mode... which I guess was hotter than the later black box 5900. The black box 5900 Pro SL does not have the GEB Max mode because it was replaced with GEB SAT mode. Anyway... the 6000/Di Series 3 also has the GEB MAX mode and Manual Ground Balance (Not the Double Stacked Version), but seems very similar to the blue box 5900 Pro Plus. I know most 6000 detectors have Auto-Trac instead of Manual Ground Balance, but the Series 3 is different. However, it does not have the on/off switch for the SAT like the 5900 blue box. My 6000 Series 3 goes pretty darn deep and that is why I keep it in my stable for relics. I mainly hunt in GEB Norm (All-Metal) and use the GEB Max mode when the ground allows it. It has a silky smooth threshold, ID's in All-Metal mode, filters out awesome on big iron, and I really like the non-motion coil feature that most of my other detectors do not offer. GEB Disc mode is the only mode where you are required to put the coil in motion in order to ID a target, and this detector is super easy to pinpoint with large coils. So is the 6000/Di Series 3 basically the same as the blue box 5900 Pro Plus in performance? I'm still a fan of the older technology, especially with Whites. I've had a Whites MX All Sport and a Nokta Simplex Plus and had zero regrets letting those detectors go. I do need a better gold hunter for micro jewelry and I'm leaning towards a Makro Gold Kruzer because of the waterproof option, but feel an old Gold Bug 2 might be a better. Anyway gentlemen... I would like any advice and comparisons on the Whites 6000/Di Series 3, Blue Box 5900 Pro Plus, 5900/Di Pro SL, and 6000 XL Pro. Is my current 6000 worth keeping? Thanks in advance! This is what I currently have in my stable. 

Garret AT Pro (Wife's Detector of Choice and Nice on a Rainy Day)

Garret Ace 250 (Extra Detector for my Kids or an Inexperienced Hunting Buddy)

Fisher CZ6a (Modified by Nasa Tom for Older Sites/Deeper Coins and Does Well on the Beach)

Modified Whites Classic 3 SL (Used in Super Trashy Areas and used with the Snooper or Blue Max 600 Coil)

Modified Whites IDX Pro (Modified by Sven, which I believe is my Best All-Around Detector while using the Burgundy Royal 800 Coil)

Old Blue Box 6000/Di Series 3 (Been using for Deep Relics with a somewhat rare Blue Max 11" 256 Coil)


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The most users passed away,  few users now. 

All series went deep, I prefer 6000 series 2 and 4900. 

You need to learn much and much to be right user. 

Good luck!



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I still use the XL Pro, having used a 6000 series 2 in the past. The XL Pro  is lighter, uses a better battery system and I suspect has more gain, more than GEB MAX mode which is not missed. The SAT mode allows better performance in mineralised ground and runs a smooth audio. I like to use SAT with a slow to medium sweep and the meter to disc. The option of disc with faster sweep speed and good depth is there when needed. The Pro has auto ground balance and runs smoothly under most conditions if you are an experienced user. Many folks prefer the older models manual ground balance. Lots of options which make for a very versatile machine. Ideal of sports grounds and open fields, in disc it loves a snappy swing and covers ground fast. You can also set it up for low and slow, again lots of control for different circumstances.  Depth is very good, most of the mentioned machines match each other for depth. Ergonomics, balance and weight favour the XL Pro as does the battery tray for AA cells. That big meter is a joy to use and look at.  Again performance or depth with the machines mentioned is near identical, swing what gives you the most pleasure or fun. That smooth audio hum is a thing of beauty, makes for a pleasant hunt. All the best.

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In the digital age, I do like a bit of retro. Again it is the fun factor..

IMG_1489 (1).JPG

IMG_1509 (2).JPG


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All those detectors are still beautiful and timeless ... Karelian...👍:smile:

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Thank you for sharing your experience and posting your army of detectors. There truly is something special about a Whites detector that almost can't be explained, especially the smooth threshold hum and big meter display. It is a shame that the business did not last. Does the "Lock" feature on the XL Pro almost act like a manual ground balance? It seems like the XL Pro or Pro XL are hard to find. I would like to find one with a multi-tone mod, which I know is wishful thinking. Thanks again for your post. 

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Not sure if it is the balance, quality black paint or intuitive dials and switches but the XL PRO is a pleasure to swing. There are lighter multifrequency alternatives, but when I'm in the mood the older White's hits the spot and brings home the goodies.. Old school yes, but that meter is accurate and she still hits deep.



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On 2/7/2022 at 7:37 PM, Dirt digger said:

I have the white's 6000Di pro and the white's xl pro and the white's 6000/D series 2 and all of them will still find the good stuff I started out with the white's metal detectors back in the 80s 

On your list... the Whites XL Pro is the only detector I have not tried yet. I've always thought it would be the perfect marriage of the Whites Classic ID and the 6000 Series. Seems like a hard to find/buy detector. Thanks for the comment.

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Definitely one of White’s finest machines……I got mine from an awesome chap on this forum 👍

It is still in mint condition but because most of my detecting is beach/water and prospecting, the XL Pro doesn’t get used much.

She comes with four mint coils as well (managed to buy a second Royal 800 coil locally).






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