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What Was The Last Meteorite Found In The USA Mainland?

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What was the last meteorite found in the USA Mainland? How 'bout worldwide? 'Falling Stars' are visible every evening somewhere on this planet I would think, but finding them is something else of course.

I used to watch Meteorite Men on the Science Channel years back. What were those cats names? Gregory maybe and one other guy. It always interest me . . . how meteorites were located and hopefully found. I remember one they found that was huge like maybe 3' in diameter. It wasn't from a recent fireball that someone saw falling. I always wondered why they were looking on this particular large farm & pasture land? It was like 6' deep. I think they were using a custom 2-box detector on wheels. It lay along the side of a long fence line.

Did anyone see that particular Meteorite Men?

Anyways meteorites are cool!

Later, Billy

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Well, today at 4:21 pm, a huge asteroid came by at 40,000+mph... 1.2 million miles away.

Glad it didn't bring any friends... 😁

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