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Deus 2 Volume Control


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1 hour ago, Rrnp said:

Will the Deus 2 have a volume control for each frequency of sound? So you can have a different volume for each tone break. 

No, you can only adjust discriminated "iron" volume separately from the non-ferrous multi-tones or pitch tone intensity.  However, the pitch of each multitone is independently adjustable and there is a graphic equalizer which allows you to independently emphasize or de-emphasize low/med/high frequency tonal regions.  You can also switch between PCM and square wave audio which also changes tonal quality.

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On 1/22/2022 at 9:04 PM, Tnsharpshooter said:

This may be changed with version update.  Soon maybe.

That would be a game changer for people with tinnitus or other hearing issues. Tone and notch volume controls should be standard on an elite machine.

I am hearing output volume levels across those variables that the Deus that some engineers in France decided for me that I should hear. We have talking heads decrying the fixed inflexibility of other machines while being intellectually dishonest in that vein about the D2.

I love the descriptive audio of the Deus but I do not love the inflexibility and particularly the limited use due to it increasing tinnitus. 

These output audio controls open up the Anfibio. Just a simple notch volume control even for a pitch program like 99 Tones allows me to hunt without issue.

I hope XP has been listening.

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