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Fs: Minelab 1800 Pack For Fbs Machines Like E-trac, Safari, Explorer, Etc.

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I am selling a used, but in decent shape 1800 SlimPack for the E-Trac, Safari, Explorer, or other FBS machines.

It's capacity under a 200mah load is just over 1400mah. In real world applications, think of this as the rough performance equivalent of a brand new 1600 NiMH Minelab battery.

I'm also selling an OEM Minelab charger to go along with the pack.

I'm asking for $55 $50 $40 OBO shipped for the battery pack and charger. This price includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.

I accept cash (if local pick up), USPS money orders and Paypal via FF (not to avoid the fee, but due to new accounting rules in 2022).

I have a few other items for sale that’ll work for the Etrac. So if you’re interested in any other item I’m selling, I’m willing to offer a discount for multiple item deals.

I might consider trade for Equinox stuff...maybe. Perhaps for a WM08 wireless module, extra charging cord, EQ6 coil and/or Coiltek 10x5 coil. Maybe we can work something out.



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