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Ice Nuggets

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Good job finding those nuggets on a cold morning. Pine and manzanita I see. I like that type of country. I’m just across the border from there in Del Norte County. With beautiful, clear weather lately, there’s a pretty hard frost in the mornings.

I did a little panning in the Smith River a few days ago. This was painful, not a good idea. The cold water was too much on my hands and I had to give it up after a couple hours. Just sampling around a new gravel bar so no loss and a little more knowledge.


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Digging nuggets outta the ice , and they're lookin' very nice!

I have ice nuggets here too , but mine are white all the way through..

I have so many , but diamonds they're not.

I also have them under my nose , butt they're frozen snot !

(sorry about the lame rhyming thing , songwriter's curse....can't control it sometimes)🙄



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Very nice finds on such a cold day, stay safe and have a great hunt again when it warms up.

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Very nice gold to start the new year Tom.  Good to see you out there enjoying our freedoms and finding a few nuggets with the GPX-6000. 

BTW, did you ever own a GPZ-7000 and if so, what do you miss about the 7?  

I've owned both and the only thing I miss about the 7 is the extra money I made when I sold one.  GPX-6000 is a dream gold gettin machine.

Nice pics and thanks for sharing.


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