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Vanquish 540 Problem

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Not in my area. All of the modes will not ground balance and I get ground noise responses as the coil approaches the ground, leaves the ground, at the end of swings or if the coil is not parallel to the ground during swings. The ground noise is only audible with the entire iron range target Ids accepted......as in with the horseshoe button engaged. Manually rejecting -9, -8 and -7 stops the audible feedback from the ground.

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Cheers!  Would the Relic mode be the worst in your area (which I imagine has the ground leaning toward the magnetite type?), as the Relic GB is probably set more away from it (toward more conductive salty type) than the other two?

But then, the Relic mode has the slowest recovery time, which may make it more susceptible to ground noise of any type...

All I'm trying to figure out is if the apparent difference in GB settings between Vanquish modes can be used to ones advantage, given different ground types (for instance, would the Relic mode that seems to have GB closer to conductive wet salt, be of an advantage on the beach, as opposed to the other two, which may be closer to the right GB on the iron-mineralised ground?).

It may seem trivial, given the Vanquish adjustment limitations (which may be a good thing as fiddling is limited 🙂), but I'm trying to understand my machine...

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