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Waiting for a storm and a change in the seabed, a few days ago I went scouting along the coast that I reach more easily.
Like me, far too many locals have abused the place and signals have become rare.

Even if they came from the wrong direction, the waves still made a fair leveling, barely visible from the shore.

I was not very inspired by what I saw, but I was still willing to use new settings and test the behavior of the detector.

In almost two hours of session, despite having found a good balance with the instrument, I had no reference points on the ground for an ideal area to start from.
On the verge of leaving the area, already satisfied for the test but without decent targets , one last signal caught my attention .... and this is the result ... Happy hunting everyone.






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Doing Adult films now? LOL

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Sorry for not working link.

I modified my channel contents for various reasons.

Now the introduction is the only active content.

I'll post more this winter...

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