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New "workout" Plan For 2022?

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2 hours ago, GnshpCSO said:

This applies to CTX swingers as well

I admit, sometimes I tried to swing with the left arm too, to take some rest🤣.


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  • 7 months later...

I'm an ambidexter. I can do it with both hands. Lol. My new training plan for 2022 was to focus more on my legs. You know those pumped-up guys who walk around with huge arms, but their legs look like pelican legs in skinny pants? That's me. I missed leg day a lot because I didn't think it was important. But after reaching a certain point in growing my biceps and torso muscles, I realized that I urgently needed to do something about my legs. I talked to a trainer, who suggested speeding things up with purerawz.co sars. I think it worked. Now my legs don't look like Shaggy's legs from Scooby-Doo. Never skip leg days, guys. Don't be like me.

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This would be my "workout plan" if I had to swing an Etrac or CTX regularly for long hunts without a harness.....




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