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Testing DIY Gold Hog Gold Sluice

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Here's a video I made testing my home made DIY gold sluice processing material recovered from a hole we dug in Wanlockhead, Scotland in March 2016. On the very first clean up this sluice found the first picker of the trip so I was really pleased with how it ran. This video is describing the sluice, the configuration and also processing material through it where you can see material being trapped by the different types of gold sluice matting I have used. The razorback matting is the most awkward to clean out as it has fine ribs in and I have glued the mats down (although 90% still cleaned out of it fine), everything else cleaned out in seconds which was the idea behind my design, to tip, pour water over and clean it out quickly.

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Have you  tried putting in a layer of raised expanded aluminum or steel mesh ? That's what we generally do here in the states on a sluice with no riffles or under the riffles. The diamonds help catch the gold particles better. They are about 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch roughly. Is there really gold in Scotland? I've never been overseas yet...maybe after I retire in 5 years...

-Tom V. ps, my long ago relatives came from Holland to the USA back in the 1700's or so they say...

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