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Under Water Gold Prospecting

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The bedrock where I dredge is a quartz Muscovite schist that weathers to a inplace clay from frost shattering.  You can dredge quite always into it so I take at least a foot and then check it with my SDC.  I have gotten signals and dredged deeper to find little nuggets which I wrote a little bit about on here.


Last year my SDC did leak.  I always clean and check the seal but it was an older model purchased in 2015.  I had to send it in for repair.  

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I’ve detected in creeks with detectors and mask and snorkel. My general observation is it’s way easier to find gold with a detector via normal means. Target recovery can be difficult in fast moving water, and more after than not I got a bullet or fishing sinker for the effort.

I did always think while dredging, that using a detector to locate nail/ferrous concentrations, might work to lead my dredge to deposits of smaller gold, that would otherwise be invisible to detectors.

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Have you seen Gerry’s and his friends underwater finds with SDC’s?

If something has value, it goes in Gerry's mouth. 




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