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Possible Whites ?

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I talked to a lady that said she had some old detectors in her barn., she thought one was a Whites...so I asked which one.

She sent me this so far, so I thought somebody here must know what it was. And if it was worth getting.



Edit , think I found one on ebay , Coinmaster 6000?

[Image: 58580319f0d749b4a1e80c6f125be150.jpg]
[Image: bddfca755de0b3b23bf0ac64cb38cb7a.jpg]

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35 years ago, a gem. Maybe the best you could buy. Today, not so much. It has less depth, poor target separation, and a traditional analog discriminator that costs even more depth. However, if you are hunting in a sea of bottlecaps for shallower targets it's perfect for that. It's a four-filter design that makes bottlecaps easy to hear, and the old analog ID meter was pretty solid. Another benefit is that it's a good detector to run a Bigfoot coil on.

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Be it gem are relic it to is in the eyes of the beholder.

 Now if it don’t work it may be trash unless you think you can fix it.

 Reg would have jumped on that with both feet.


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Don't walk away, run!

Unless you are a vintage detector collector. Used to be a pretty good machine but would be grouped with a forked willow stick today.

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Thx for the reviews , 👍

Sounds like I'll try to get it if it's cheap enough (and works) it will be a great replacement for my old Radio Shack / Micronta "B Hunter" backup  . I like old trons. And guess I am one too.

Also thinking of showing her how to use it and encouraging her to try detecting .  


If anyone here is in love with them , maybe I could make your dream come true ..


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