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Any Prospecting Inspired Art Or Artists?


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7 hours ago, strick said:

Thought that looked familiar. Never knew the name of the creek.. I thought it was part of Howards creek. Off to the right out of the picture are some rocks I usually hide my keys under lol. 

Nice work Clark looks like you are doing well. 


Chuck, ha ha I was going to put the keys in but didn’t want to give up your spot so, cats out of the bag now… luckily my Ah’em artwork looks about as much as any one stream as a persons imagination will allow, but generosity’s appreciated. Plus, I misspelled Haskell I only used 1 (L) so your spot is probably still a secret.

 I’m doing pretty good, the dogs not limping, lol I hope that’s not slang for something sorry don’t want to offend anyone here. I decided not to give her aspirin although it would have saved me $150, we took her to the vet got some pain and anti inflammatory in a couple days she was fine. God forbid anything should happen to that dog my vet has the keys to my bank account.


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